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Welcome at 'The Gulls Page'!!!

On this home page you will see a lot of photos of gulls that occur in Holland. You will not only see photos of the most common species, but also species like Ring-billed Gull and Franklin's Gull.

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Wesley Overman

Lesser Black-backed Gull

- Lesser Black-backed Gull / Larus graellsii
- Photo taken at the boat to Terschelling

European Herring Gull

- European Herring Gull / Larus argentatus
- Photo taken in Scheveningen

What's New?

December 25th 2001:
- The English version is created.

January 9th 2002:
- Photo of a 1st winter Black-legged Kittiwake is added.

January 11th 2002:
- Page with photos of an Iceland Gull is added.
- Photo of a adult winter Common Gull is added.